Basic Beagle Dog Training Tips

by Mike Worthington

A beagle dog can be a great pet to have. However, just like any other dog, you will have to make sure that your beagle is trained properly so as to ensure that he exhibits the proper behaviour at all times.

Beagles are naturally very outgoing and energetic. After all, the breed was originally developed for hunting purposes, and it proved to be a huge success in that field. If you simply want to keep a beagle as a house pet, however, his intelligence and outgoing nature can spell big trouble unless he undergoes effective beagle dog training.

Providing such training is therefore your primary responsibility when you decide to get a beagle. Among the things you need to take note of is the fact that beagles are smart enough to learn how to open doors and go through fences easily. They also have a very keen sense of smell, which makes it very easy for them to find food around the house. This makes it doubly important for you to begin beagle dog training as early as possible and keep food out of your dog's reach at all times. The good news is that beagles are very trainable. They were, after all, bred for hunting, so they take instruction very well. The only requirement is for you to have a great deal of patience because their energetic nature can sometimes get in the way.

When you begin beagle dog training, remember to always be fair in giving corrections. You have to make sure that your dog understands exactly what you want from him before you even think about punishing him for not obeying a command. Furthermore, the punishment you mete out should always fit his crime. Never release anger on your beagle without sufficient reason.

Remember that correction is just another way of communicating with your beagle, so you'll have to make him understand what he did wrong and why he is being punished. This will ensure that he does not repeat the offense and strengthen your bond with him as well. Positive reinforcement is your best technique when conducting beagle dog training. Use lots of praise whenever your dog displays good behaviour or executes a command perfectly. This works a lot better than punishing the dog every time he makes a mistake. Just like you, a beagle doesn't want to work with a boss who only ever sees his mistakes without noticing his triumphs. You should therefore let your dog know that you are proud of his achievements.

In conducting beagle dog training, always remember that you are on the same team as your dog. Do not think of training as a competition where you always have to win by making your dog do what you want. Instead, consider yourself as the team captain; you call the plays and your dog has to execute them properly in order for your team to win. Of course, before you take on the role of team captain, you'll have to take on the role of coach first, and make your beagle understand exactly what the plays are. As long as you conduct beagle dog training with love and respect, your dog is sure to reward you with positive results.

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Parasites Beagles Might Pick by Richard Cussons

Most dogs, especially working dogs such as Beagles are more likely to pick up parasites when working or running out in the field. From fleas to ticks to tapeworms, these parasites will surely cause various problems that could trouble your dog and affect his healthy condition if not treated at once. Know these parasites so that you will know what to do when your Beagles are infested.

Flea. Fleas are small external parasites, about 1.5 to 3.3 mm long. They are wingless insects and are usually dark colored. These fleas don't just consider their host's body as habitat; they are also feeding on the blood of their host. Killing these parasites requires crushing them between the fingernails because of their hard, polished body. The body is covered with hairs and short spines directed backward. Fleas in pets can be treated with the use of insecticides. The house and the surrounding environment should also be treated with spot-on insecticide, a fogger or spray insecticide that contains ingredients ideal in controlling the growth of these parasites. Frequent vacuuming will also contribute in eliminating fleas. Dog owners should always remember that keeping the surroundings clean is the best armor against this battle.

Tick. Same with fleas, ticks are external parasites feeding on the blood of its host. Ticks are classified into two; the hard ticks and the soft ticks. Hard ticks are known to submit diseases such as Lyme disease. Beagles running around tall grasses and shrubs have higher risk of being infested with ticks. A tick can be removed from the body of your pet with the help of a small set of tweezers. With the use of tweezers, grab the insect by the head and then pull it gently and steadily. As much as possible, try not to crush the tick's body because its stomach content or it's saliva back-flow might increase the possibility of infecting and irritating the host's skin.

Harvest mite. Letting your Beagles run free in the forests or grasslands? Beware because they are at greater chance of picking up harvest mites. These parasites measure 0.4 mm sticking and feeding on human skin. These chrome-orange colored parasites feed on the skin cell of its host, unlike fleas and ticks that are feeding on their host's blood. The larvae mite works by piercing the skin and injecting enzymes that digest cellular contents and then later become liquefied for their consumption.

Tapeworm. Tapeworms are found in the intestine of dogs. The eggs are often visible in your dog's feces or sticking to the dog's hair around the rear. These parasites look like small, flattened grain of white rice that moves. Since it is normal for Beagles to chase rabbits and hares, eating their catch is discouraged because rabbits and other wild rodents are often carrier of tapeworms. There are medicines available to treat tapeworm infestation. Just consult the vet or any dog expert for suggestions.

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All About Beagles by Ashley Peach

Beagles are well known in the United States and extremely popular based on the cartoon Peanuts that ran in the newspaper for several years and actually created some movies and TV shows. Snoopy has always been popular with children, which of course makes the demand for these dogs in homes. So if you are one of those families that finds the beagle dog breed entertaining you may want to read up on how they came to be, their characteristics, and of course the proper care, training, and grooming.

Beagles are one of the most active dogs you will ever find. They love to play, shower affection, and just generally be a part of any family. They make great pets for anyone who wishes to have a dog with children. You will find that the beagle is a very small dog. In fact they only grow to be about thirteen to fifteen inches in height and weigh at most thirty pounds. They are not the softest pet that you could have, but their little hearts speak for themselves. Their coats are extremely thick, but very coarse and short haired. Most often this type of dog breed will offer tan, white, and black patches. The pattern of the fur will be determined by the parents and ancestry. Some of the beagles are only two colors rather than multi colored.

For grooming care you will find the short to medium length of hair is a moderate shedder, which means that grooming is fairly easy with this breed. The beagle needs to be brushed at least once a week to remove dead or lose hair and keep their skin in perfect health. While they have moderate skin irritation, you do want to make sure you groom them properly. It is not wise to bathe them often. You will also find that a damp towel that is soft works well for removing the hair. Moving from grooming we will discuss some of the training.

Training for any dog is extremely important. The thing you have to remember about the beagle is that they are very active. This means that while they are not as intelligent as other dogs they are able to be trained for a variety of things such as hunting or some tricks. It will take quite a bit of time and patience to get them trained as well. Most often they need a high energetic training course because they can get very bored easily. Obedience training can be a little difficult as they tend to want to play over being trained.

The beagle can be a great therapy dog based on their temperament. We have mentioned that they tend to be very energetic and affectionate, which makes them great for someone who needs the slobbery love of a good pet. They like to be in peopleĆ¢€™s laps as well as hang out on the floor playing with toys. For this time of characteristics you will find apartment living with small daily walks works out great. Unlike larger dogs they can be quite happy indoors for most of the day. This means that they do need at least one walk in the morning and one in the evening to get the best exercise, but other than that playing around the house and being a little devious will be the most enjoyable options. Make sure that you have plenty of toys for beagles or they may find their own. They can have a few health issues so make sure to provide a healthy diet with the proper nutrition and treats.

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